Complete Guide to Boat Detailing

Detailing a boat can be a challenging thing to do but this step-by-step guide shall help you to deep clean the exterior and the interior of the boat, plus, remove pollutants, grime, and loose debris. Gel coats on the exterior help the boat attain its shiny and smooth look. But over time, with the sunshine effects, water pollution, salt, and animal droppings, there will be organic build-up, fading, and discolouration of the surface. Professional detailers should help you detail your boat precisely following this step by step guide.

Start with exterior boat detailing

The first thing a professional boat detailer should do is wash and perform clay treatment on your boat. This should remove debris, pollutants, and grime from the surface of the boat. The boat detailer should begin working from the top downwards to the base of the boat. There are detergents and soaps formulated to get rid of loose dirt and grime. Wash segments at ago to avoid skipping other parts on the boat surface. In regards to heavy stains, algae and scum, there are detergents formulated to remove. As for the rubber marks from the dock, a small amount of acetone shall play the trick.

Correct the gel coat finish

When the first step is done and dusted, give a finish to the surface. Gel coating helps give the fibreglass an extra protection layer and gives the marine vehicles a shiny smooth look. The gel will last for several years but with continuous beating, it will require some restoration. It is recommended to perform a two-step paint application and correction process, the first layer being a compound to remove oxidation and smoothen imperfections. The final layer to polish and give a vibrant colour.

Paint protection

After the final touches of boat detailing, apply the final paint protection to keep your boat shiny for a long time. The polymer sealing shall last close to a year without needing boat detailing and in addition protect against UV rays that bring about discolouration.

Interior boat detailing

When done with the exterior parts of the boat, it is time to detail the interior and the cabin. Remove carpets and covers and clean them separately, this can be done concurrently with the exterior part. After cleaning the interior ensure all the surfaces are dry to avoid water spotting on the glass and the upholstery. Deep clean seats and compartments using the right detergents. When you are done cleaning the interior parts of your boat, it is time to protect it by polishing the surfaces. Take time to polish the interior and the metal frames using recommended products to restore their pristine looks. Use a glass cleaner to wipe the glass surfaces both from the interior and the exterior. Some glass products remove streaks at a single wipe to make your work easier.

Give your boat a final inspection to make sure no extra buff remains. Use towels to remove excess wax and to lift any dirt left by your shoe prints. Walk through the entire boat to remove any remaining dirt. Finally, your boat is in tip-top clean condition, give it an allowance of one to two days before going back to the sea or lake exploration for the next few months before coming back for another boat detailing.

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