Hard rubbish removal- things which need to be kept in mind

Are you thinking about getting rid of your hard rubbish? Before you do that there are several things which you should keep in mind. When it comes to hard rubbish there are certain set of rules which one must comply to. If you do not comply to the rules, you might receive a note and possibly have to pay up a fine too.

Tips for hard rubbish removal

If you are disposing of hard rubbish for the first time, you might be wondering what items come under hard rubbish. The items which can be considered as general hard waste include the following:

  • Any metallic sink, scrap  iron or spouting which is around 2 metres in length
  • Household furniture and fittings, couches and mattresses and washbasins also come under hard rubbish
  • Dismantled playing equipment like the swings or slides
  • Linoleum. Care must be taken that it should be rolled and tied and should only be limited to one cubic metre
  • All kinds of household appliances or white goods for example fridge and freezer however care must be taken that the doors from all of these should be removed before hand.
  • Other kind of hard waste includes pruning and branches. Care must be taken that these are less than 2 metres in length and securely tied in bundles

It should be considered that any hard waste which is for industrial and commercial purpose will not be collected in case of domestic waste collection. Also waste like bricks, concrete and fencing take up a great deal of space and would require special kind of services. Hazardous waste which includes asbestos or harmful Chemicals also needs to be disposed of in a more responsible manner and does not come under the banner of hard waste.

Steps to take before disposing of your hard rubbish

  • When the time comes to remove the hard rubbish, it is best to make a booking in advance. The waste collecting services would then make sure that they take away your rubbish in one to four working days after booking has been made.
  • Awesome a show that everything is kept in an organised manner outside of your home the day the rubbish collection services are supposed to be at your place.
  • All of these items must be lifted by at least two people
  • Any rubbish which is considered to be non compliant would be left in its place and a letter would be left in the letter box
  • Always choose a reliable rubbish disposal service for taking away your hard rubbish. Before you make a booking always ask them about their disposal methods. Doing so would ensure that they dispose the rubbish in a responsible manner.

Items which can be saved or which are useful for others are often given off to charities. Items which can’t be fixed or of no use are taken to a rubbish tip. Do keep these things in mind about proper hard rubbish removal.

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