List of Common Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Restaurants

Different restaurants require different commercial catering equipment depending on the types of food they intend to prepare for their customers. But there is the basic equipment that every restaurant must have to run efficiently and successfully. The following is a list of kitchen equipment every restaurant must purchase for it to operate efficiently:

Freezers and refrigerators

The most important kitchen equipment you must have in your restaurant’s kitchen is refrigeration. For the most effective refrigeration in your kitchen, you need the most efficient refrigeration unit to keep your food fresh for a long time. You can preserve food for a week without worrying about them going to waste. The efficiency of the refrigerators means energy efficiency and efficient food preservation. Your commercial kitchen refrigeration unit must include; freezers, walk-in coolers and reach-in coolers. Refrigeration is integral kitchen equipment that ranges from large walk-in freezers to small coolers.

Choosing the right size for your restaurant is an important purchase decision you should make as the restaurant boss. If you normally stock a week-long food that needs to be frozen on a large scale, then you need to consider buying larger walk-in coolers and freezers but if you need to refrigerate a few items for a day or two, then reach-in freezers can work. Factors restaurants should consider before buying a freezer or a cooling unit are the space that will occupy and its ease of operation. Of course the price, their prices range widely according to dimensions and the capacity it provides.


The next important kitchen equipment a restaurant needs after the refrigeration units is the slicer. The kitchen requires a slicer to cut meat, veggies and other food efficiently. A restaurant needs to invest in a slicer for consistency and uniformity in slicing foods, especially where uniformity in slicing food is key. There are different slicers meant for different types of food, for example, there are meat slicers, vegetable slicers, food slicers and more.

Slicing equipment will help maintain consistency in the thickness and shape of food being sliced. So, what are the benefits of a restaurant investing in slicing equipment? There are plenty of benefits restaurants rip by investing in slicing equipment including; saves you time with the speed with which it slices food, you will slice food within a fraction of a minute that would take you a long time to slice them manually and save your food from overheating.


Different restaurants require ovens for variable requirements. So, when investing in an oven for your restaurant, you must consider what you will need to cook with the oven. In most cases, a commercial oven will do a variety of cooking and heating starting from boiling soup to preparing different dishes for customers.

The bottom line when purchasing an oven for your kitchen is that it should be easy to operate with an average heating efficiency so that your customers won’t wait long before they have their food ready on the table. There are certain factors to consider when buying a commercial oven for your restaurant including; its ease of use, its durability and reliability, and its size. Other items that are fundamental for a commercial kitchen restaurant are cooking lines or ranges, mixers, shelving units, fire extinguishers and kitchen utensils.

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