Why is it important to do car maintenance?

Improve safety

A periodic inspection of your vehicle gives you the assurance that everything works for the best. Every day, accidents occur due to a defective braking system, worn tires or no longer efficient transmission belts. Basic car maintenance can help improve your safety and that of others every time you get behind the wheel

Increase performance

Some components are more subject to wear. By performing periodic maintenance checks, we can help ensure the optimal functioning of these parts.

It saves you

How much does the maintenance of the car cost? It all depends on the type of vehicle, driving habits and the various types of products you use in maintenance. In principle, a coupon for an average vehicle is around 300 euros. If your car has a deteriorated engine due to lack of basic maintenance, the cost of intervention rises to almost several thousand euros.

It has more value when you resell it

A well maintained car can have a much higher value in the resale market. Even those who are not particularly expert on cars can ask you to view the maintenance booklet before purchasing the vehicle. You can’t blame them because that’s exactly what you would do if you bought a second-hand car.

It helps to protect the environment

Even if your car runs on fossil fuels, it doesn’t mean that you can’t contribute to a cleaner environment. Make sure your engine oil is not exhausted,

Minimizes road emergencies

Surely some of us have already experienced the discomfort of having a flat tire or a dead battery. In many cases, all that remains is to call roadside assistance. The point is that many of these emergencies can be avoided by regular maintenance.

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