5 Must-Have Accessory for Your 4 Wheel Drive

You chose your 4-wheel drive for a reason, and by all means, you want it to perform to its optimum.  Sadly, mishaps happen. Some of the accidents, you can prevent or handle them easily when you have the right set of accessories.

Every car comes with accessories – no doubt about that. But the accessory package may not be complete. That means you have to buy additional accessories. It is worth it, especially if you own a four-wheel drive.

However, before you buy 4 wheel drive accessories, you must understand how exactly your 4WD system works. Otherwise, you may purchase an accessory that isn’t compatible.

Four-wheel drive is essential in the following instances:

  •   In case you need additional power/torque.
  •  When hauling a load on a decent, which requires low speed
  •   In rocky area. i.e., continuous steep inclines and declines
  • In case you are stuck in mud, snow or sand.

4 Wheel Drive Accessories to Buy

Tyre Deflator

Deflating the wheel of your vehicles is essential at times. In the case of the 4WD, the wheel pressure changes when you move from streets to areas with deep sands and rocks. Typically, you have to reduce pressure from above 30 psi to less than 15 psi.

This process is tricky and might take longer. The low pressure is excellent for added traction. So it would help if you had it. With the best tyre deflator, you can quickly achieve the right pressure for your vehicle tire.

Besides just deflating your tire, it tells you the amount of pressure too. Just screw it onto the valve core, and air will zoom out.

Recovery Kit

A recovery kit is a must-have for your vehicle. While some cars come with these kits, they may not be solidly built. That means you have to invest in a better package. Without a doubt, there are numerous kits in the market. Buy a kit according to the size of your 4WD.

The best kit will get you out of mud, snow or on the pavement.

Tire Inflators

It may be a puncture, or you are getting back to the tarmac road; you’ll need that pressure again. In most cases, you may not be close to a convenient source of air. So it advisable that you carry a functional inflator all time.

Do you know that all experienced 4WD enthusiasts have an air compressor? There are many types of air compressors. So please choose the one that won’t let you down when you need it.


There are multiple kinds of car jacks. Because you have 4WD, relying on a weak-kneed tire jack that came with your 4WD is the worst move. Invest in a tall and heavy-duty car jack. Such a jack can do more than just lifting your vehicle.

Medical kit

You can also call it a first aid kit. Excursions in the desert or bushes are fun. But accidents might occur. Because it is far away from civilisation, where medical care isn’t accessible, you need a kit, at least to treat basic stuff. You may have a basic first aid kit, but buying a complete medical kit is better.

Always have your 4 wheel drive accessories ready and functional. Otherwise, you risk getting stuck in the off-road conditions without help. If your car doesn’t come with the accessories, invest in high-quality stuff. They’ll last longer.

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